Twenty five 4v4 coaches from Dundee enjoyed their first taste of Futsal at a coaching in service on Saturday 29th October.

The coaches were put through their paces by Stephen Chatila from Perth Youth Futsal and Perth Saltires. Building on the back of the Saltires hosting the preliminary round of the UEFA Futsal Cup the coaches learned the basic ethos and rules of Futsal coupled with getting a practical feel of the game. The event coincided with Dundee City Council 4v4 programme moving indoors over the winter months. The programme has seen around 150 boys play 4v4 football every Saturday morning.
Futsal aims to develop footballers by using a small pitch with a smaller ball with a reduced bounce which results in Futsal players enjoying lots of touches of the ball, the need to develop excellent ball control and the need for players to be creative - all attributes we hope to develop in young footballers. Unlike traditional 5 a sides Futsal is played to court lines thus reducing the tactic of smashing the ball against the wall to get out of a tight space meaning that playing Futsal is a great method of developing passing, support, player movement and creative play.
Futsal is the only form of 5 a side football which is recognised by FIFA and UEFA and as such is a growing game - championed by the fact that the majority of the Spanish and Brazilian football squads are developed via the vehicle of Futsal.
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