Tell us about your coaching journey so far

My coaching journey has spanned over a long period of time and I’ve worked in all areas of the pathway which I feel is of great value.

I’ve worked as an assistant coach of the under-15s and 17s as well as being head coach of the under-19s. I do think it is important to have that experience rather than just going in at the top end.

What does your job entail?

I am based at the national performance centre, Oriam, on a daily basis and my job entails looking at the whole infrastructure of girls and women’s football as a whole as well as being head coach of the national team.

What does the Scotland Women’s National Team’s yearly calendar look like?

We have international dates on the lead up to Euros or World Cup qualification matches and they start in January with another on in February. Depending on what year you’re in, qualification matches for either the Euros or the World Cup take place throughout the year.

Who do you have on your backroom staff?

I’m supported by a lot of good staff and I always call it the team behind the team.

I'm assisted by Andy Thomson, who is a former professional player and has passed on a lot of his experiences from playing football to myself and the players.

We also have a goalkeeping coach as well as a performance analysis team and a medical and science team. That support mechanism is crucial for the players and myself.

How closely do you work with the under-17s head coach Pauline MacDonald and under-19s head coach Pauline Hamill?

Both Pauline's have vast experience in women’s football and are both previous international players and role models.

They are excellent coaches and we have a real tight bond in terms of the way we work together.

We have similar opinions on the way the game should be developed and played. We’re a really close group of coaches.

How closely do you work with the Performance Director, Malky Mackay?

Malky has been absolutely a breath of fresh air in terms of the support he’s given myself since I’ve been head coach of the Scotland Women’s National Team. His door is always open and we have a really good working relationship.