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The South East Region’s winter training programme for girls’ football in the area has been praised by Edinburgh College.

The six week programme consists of a two hour classes covering practical areas of the game such as strength and posture.  The girls then take part in one hour workshops looking at other areas of the game such as  nutrition and psychology.  This additional training resource is designed to compliment the 28 weeks training the Girls Performance Squads undertake throughout the year and provide the girls with additional support to improve their development.

Graeme McCann, lead deliverer at Edinburgh College, said: "I see a huge improvement in the athletic ability of the girls since the start of the partnership five years ago. Credit for this has to go to the South East Region girls’ programme and the efforts made to support girls’ football.”

Chris Roberts, Scottish FA South East football development officer, said: “The winter training programme has been a huge success so far. The players have been very open- minded throughout and should be proud of the improvements gained in a short space of time.  We are very fortunate to have the support of Edinburgh College.”