Through Diversity and Inclusion programme, one of the key objectives is to make sure there is a pathway for volunteers to develop and flourish. To promote inclusivity, it is important to make sure that these pathways are open to all.

Thomas Maguryanga was identified early in the project as a keen volunteer. He was introduced to the project through United Glasgow and was a key member of the delivery team who were involved within the Holyrood (Glasgow) participation centres.

While being supported by up-skilling Thomas through coaching qualifications and mentoring experience through the participation centres, he has used this to inspire others in the local community and within his own team and progressed through the coaching pathway.

His passion for football and kind gentle nature is shown also through his support for involving his family in football with his wife playing with United Glasgow's female team, and his son attending local participation centres and also more football activity with St Mirren FC.

Thomas was also keen to be involved within the Captains of Change project where he has been identified as a role model and helped deliver the community in-service to grassroots clubs involved in the initiative. With his evident commitment and dedication, he has been identified and supported to attend the C License course which will no doubt enhance his skills and empower him to deliver within the community and aid us in project initiatives.

Over the next few years, there will be a massive push to make the ethnic minority community more aware of the coach education pathway from the Scottish FA. The hope will be that more ethnic minority coaches will attend the courses available via all the different level so that eventually there will be an increase of EM coaches within the structures of grassroots clubs. The push will also help empower the vouches to become more integrated in the club structures that exist, and also improve the standard of coach.

Volunteers are instrumental in driving the clubs forward and ensuring that children from the local community are able to enjoy grassroots football in a fun and safe environment, week in week out and the need to empower communities is bigger than ever. Because of this the progression of volunteers is crucial, so their development from the first point of contact is important to get right. The Scottish FA coaching pathway ensures this and is the basis for all coaches to progress and develop.