The Scottish FA’s ‘A Game for All’ is an exciting new project allowing grassroots clubs to lead the way in diversity and inclusion.

Developed as part of UEFA’s Captains of Change initiative, ‘A Game for All’ has been developed and delivered to 11 Quality Mark clubs to empower them to become truly representative of the ethnically diverse communities they belong to.

With clubs embracing the project, Cultural Awareness Workshops were delivered to over 100 volunteers giving them the confidence and knowledge to start taking action. From the development of participation centres and community to club links, to open days and community consultations, the 12 clubs have started to reap the rewards of embracing diversity and inclusion and ultimately providing ‘A Game for All’. The pilot project was a huge success in its first year as can be seen in some of the objectives and results shown below:

•    12 clubs engaged with project in 2015
•    Delivery of Cultural Awareness Workshop to 60 individuals by August 2015
•    Development of 12 bespoke action plans to increase diversity at clubs by September 2015
•    Identification of 6 ethnic minority role models by September 2015
•    50 new individuals from an ethnic minority background engaged in club activity by December 2015

•    12 clubs engaged and committed to project
•    119 individuals attended Cultural Awareness Workshops
•    40 new individuals from an ethnic minority background taking part in weekly club activity (forecasted to exceed target by end of 2015)
•    Strong sustainable project that will be delivered for years to come

The 11 clubs involved, listed below, went through months of interactions with the Diversity & Inclusion Officer from their region. This included the Cultural Awareness Workshop itself, the creation of bespoke ‘Action Plans’ to make their clubs more inclusive and diverse and in most cases forums where held with clubs to discuss how the clubs could become more ethnically diverse.

•    The Spartans FC/Spartans Community Football Academy (South East)
•    Gala Fairydean Rovers (South East)
•    Motherwell FC Community Trust (Central)
•    Holytown Colts (Central)
•    Milton FC (Central)
•    Hillwood BC – In partnership with Saint Angela’s Participation Centre (West)
•    Finnart AFC (West)
•    Giffnock SC (West)
•    Morton Community Trust (West)
•    Dundee West CFC (East)
•    Glentanar CFC (North)