Please note: updated on 13th August 2021


As Scotland moves beyond Level 0 from Monday, 9 August. Please see the following updated guidance.


We would ask at this time to ensure that you have read and fully understand all the processes to enable us to continue to move forward:


General Guidance for Participation


  • All activity must be arranged to take place in an appropriately risk assessed venue.


  • All match play activity is permitted but clubs and league should continue to follow the national player pathway where applicable.


  • Indoor and outdoor training is permitted for all age groups. There is no field of play bubble restrictions applicable beyond Level 0, although limits on participation numbers at competition and events are applicable, with the total daily limit being 5000 (see spectator guidance section for more information)


  • It is recommended to carry out the appropriate risk assessments for any indoor activity to ensure there is adequate space and/or work with the facility provider.  


  • It is still recommended that clubs, leagues and organisers consider the space they are operating in to ensure that there is adequate space for health and safety purposes.    


  • It is important that enhanced hygiene measures are implemented at all times. As restrictions are eased the emphasis will continue to be on personal responsibility, good practice and informed judgement. The latest information on Coronavirus in Scotland can be accessed on the Scottish Government website at Coronavirus in Scotland.


  • Operators and participants should however continue to:


- Maintain and promote good ventilation. Further information is available at Scottish Government Coronavirus (COVID-19): ventilation guidance

- Wear face coverings in indoor sport and leisure facilities when not taking part in physical activity.

- Use good hand and respiratory hygiene and surface cleaning.

- Stay at home and book a test if you develop coronavirus symptoms.

- Apply and adhere to ‘give people space’ messaging.


For further information on permitted activity please go to sportscotland Return to sport and physical activity


Close Contact Criteria

Scottish Government have confirmed that the criteria by which close contacts of identified positive cases remain as they currently are.

This means that whilst physical distancing has been removed, should any club personnel test positive, the current 2m assessment criteria will be used to identify others who would then be required to self-isolate. This includes all changing areas, gyms, dining areas and travel arrangements as per the current protocols.

Please ensure you read all the information contained in this statement including the additional links and update all clubs/leagues appropriately. At this time it is of the utmost importance that all clubs and individuals fully understand the process.


Test & Protect


Test and Protect is a public health measure designed to interrupt the spread of coronavirus in the community. Containing outbreaks early is crucial to reduce the spread of COVID-19, protect the NHS and save lives, and avoid the reintroduction of social and economic lockdown. This will support the country to return to, and maintain, a more normal way of life.


  • Changes come into force in Scotland from 9 August 2021 for close contacts of those testing positive for Covid-19. Those with symptoms or testing positive will still be required to self-isolate. Close contacts aged 18 years or older who have been double vaccinated more than 14 days prior and with no symptoms will be able to get a PCR test and end self-isolation if the result is negative.


  • Those aged 5-17 years of age will also be able to take a PCR test and end self-isolation (without being double vaccinated) if the test result is negative.


  • This approach will be encouraged but not required for children under five years of age.


  • It is therefore encouraged that, where possible, club personnel are vaccinated as soon as possible.


Maintaining customer records


  • Operators should, where possible, collect the name, contact number, date of visit, time of arrival, and the departure time of all those attending facilities or activities.


  • Operators should store information for 21 days and share it when requested to do so by public health officers.


Changing Guidance


  • Access to, and use, of changing rooms and showering facilities is permitted (other than in Level 4 areas where indoor facilities should remain closed) if appropriate risk assessment and hygiene measures have been put in place.


  • The safety of participants is the priority and facility operators should consider whether use of these areas is necessary.


  • As utilising changing facilities will heighten the risk of an individual becoming a ‘close contact’ and/or contracting COVID 19, it is recommended that a full risk assessment is undertaken before use.  


  • Detailed information on toilets, changing and locker rooms from sportscotland can be found here.



Spectator Guidance


Spectators are permitted under the following circumstances:


  • ‘Beyond Level 0 a maximum of 5000 people outdoors and 2000 people indoors can spectate subject to the organiser following Scottish Government Coronavirus (COVID-19): events sector guidance and obtaining relevant permissions, where they normally would be required to do so. Any increase in these numbers must be agreed directly with the appropriate local authority prior to the competition going ahead.


  • Where supervising, watching a child and/or vulnerable person.



  • It is recognised that it may not always be possible to prevent people from spectating [at a competition or event] in a public space such as a park. In such circumstances, the organisers are required to consider mitigating measures as part of their risk assessment/management plan with an emphasis on discouraging, where possible, informal spectating. Any such measures should be clearly communicated by the organiser prior to the competition which may include, amongst other things, the displaying of notices around the venue to remind the public to follow Scottish Government guidance.


  • For clarity, where informal spectating does take place organisers are not expected to enforce government guidance on members of the public in places not under their control.


  • At all times we recommend that clubs liaise with the appropriate facility provider to ensure that guidance protocols can be followed and that you should consider:


- Clubs have a COVID Officer in place to ensure that all protocols are followed.

- Clubs ensure that all parents are in an area that has been marked out and are a minimum of two metres from the playing areas.

- It is recommended that a register of all those attending an event is kept by the club.

- Clubs conduct a health and safety check and ensure there is adequate space for parents to attend – including one way systems and maximum COVID safe capacities.


At this time facility providers may not be able to accommodate parents and they are encouraged to be respectful of the protocols put in place.


Travel Guidance


  • Groups and clubs should follow Transport Scotland's advice on how to travel safely and put in place appropriate risk assessment and mitigations.