Hillwood BC & SAPC is a unique partnership between a local grassroots club and a community group working together to increase opportunities for involvement and become truly representative of their diverse local community and schools.

Support was given to SAPC after the realisation that despite being open to all, they lacked involvement from the full community. This, along with a need for players and coaches, prompted them to engage with the Scottish FA West region’s Diversity & Inclusion Officer and link with a local grassroots club to promote a pathway for participants and ensure opportunities for sustainable activity.

After attending the Game for All cultural awareness workshop, this was followed by involvement within the consultation forum and practical in-service to bring the clubs and role models together to witness and discuss the next steps of the project. As a result, Hillwood BC & SAPC worked together to create a bespoke action plan. This action plan included an audit of the club membership, appointing an inclusion and deputy officer and plans to facilitate and run a supported participation centre to integrate coaches and players within the local community.

In the build up to activity taking place in the New Year, coaches have been up-skilled and empowered through coach education to plan and deliver sessions at the participation centre and support volunteers, role models and players in the local community and build the relationship between stakeholders.

“The SAPC is and will always be open to all and free to access. To meet those ends partnership working is the stabiliser that helps us realise those goals. Working with Hillwood BC and the Scottish FA strengthens our quality of delivery which benefits everyone.” said Tom Buick, Secretary (and founder) of SAPC.