The Scottish FA will play host to one of football’s most prestigious and influential events this weekend, as the 133rd AGM of the International Football Association Board (IFAB) takes place in Aberdeen.

Delegates will discuss a variety of potential adaptations to the laws of the game, based on proposals and feedback from across the footballing world.

Included on the agenda will be an assessment of the implementation of VAR, with delegates set to hear a report on the impact of the technology at last year’s FIFA World Cup in Russia as well as feedback from countries currently utilising the system.

Those in attendance will analyse the success rate of the system in its lifespan to date, as well as discuss potential frameworks for further implementation across the game.

Proposals for the streamlining of the handball rule are also on the agenda, as board members look to clarify the law for officials moving forward.

The proposed amendment would see referees focus on the outcome of the action before making a decision, with a player that has gained an advantage due to handling the ball therefore in violation of the law.

Other points to be discussed at Saturday’s meeting include a proposed alteration to the rule surrounding substitutions, which would see substituted players no longer required to leave the field at the halfway line in an attempt to reduce opportunities for time-wasting.

What is IFAB?

Founded in 1886, the IFAB consists of representatives from each of the four UK football associations and FIFA and holds jurisdiction over the rules of football.

Each of the UK associations holds one vote to FIFA’s four, with six votes required to pass any proposed amendment to the laws of the game.

The general secretary of IFAB sets the agenda for each AGM based on input from the board’s Technical Sub Committees (TSCs). Proposed amendments to the laws of the game are often trialled at upcoming international competitions, including FIFA World Cups at youth level.

The IFAB remains one of the most influential bodies in global football, serving as the independent guardian of the laws of the game as the sport continues to modernise.

Alan McRae

A delegation from the Scottish FA will be in attendance on behalf of the association, including Scottish FA Chief Executive Ian Maxwell and Alan McRae, Scottish FA President.

“It is a real privilege to be involved with such an historic organisation. It allows us to keep abreast of every proposal surrounding the laws of the game and means that we’re aware of the details behind each of them,” said McRae.

“It is also an incredibly prestigious office to hold, not just in European footballing circles but across the wider spectrum of the global game.

“It is an office that allows us to be truly involved with determining the direction in which the game is heading in the 21st century.

We are incredibly grateful to Aberdeen City Council for their assistance in helping us host this event and we are looking forward to a prosperous weekend.”