2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ Qualifier
Norway v Scotland
Ullevaal Stadion, Oslo
Wednesday 12 August 2009 – kick off 19:00 (7pm local)

Dear SSC members,


Just to remind you that the guaranteed sale for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ qualification match against Norway, closed last Friday, 19 June.


Approximately 1600 members on 4-10 away points bought their ticket, leaving around 600 available for the 3 point ballot.

These tickets are in sections 109 - 112 in the lower VG stand of the stadium.


650 members on 3 points entered the ballot and because we've managed to secure a few more seats in section 106 , it means that EVERY member who registered will be given a ticket.


These members on 3 points will receive confirmation over the next couple of days and payment will be taken at this time too, so please ensure that payment can be authorised.


Unfortunately, due to the demand for tickets this means there will be no tickets available for those members on 2 points and below.


Tickets and travel guides will be mailed out a couple of weeks before the match and we'll be in touch directly with anyone collecting their ticket locally in Oslo.


Many Thanks
The Scotland Supporters Club