Joint statement from Scottish FA Chief Executive Stewart Regan and SPL Chief Executive Neil Doncaster.

“We note the findings of the Justice Committee Report and, in particular, items 10 and 11.

“Both the Scottish FA and SPL are committed members of the Joint Action Group convened by the Scottish Government to improve behaviour within football.

“While the Justice Committee’s evidence gathering provoked a worthwhile public debate, the subsequent report shows a disregard for the considerable measures undertaken by both the Scottish FA and the SPL. We have consistently stated our intention to work together, with all stakeholders, to tackle offensive behaviour, which was explained to the Committee during our evidence sessions.

"Indeed, among the 41 action points we have pledged to deliver by the end of the year, we have taken the lead in working to implement a single Code of Conduct for Scottish football.

“We have also asked, on numerous occasions, for clarity from the Scottish Government and from the police to assist us in drafting a set of behaviours that would be legally enforceable."