A South West region ‘Community’ status Quality Mark club has helped establish a new football club in Kenya.

East Kilbride Football Club (EKFC)  have played a role in the formation of EKFC Kenya, in conjunction with Dedan Njoroge of Angaza Sports and Development Centre.

This latest project by the South Lanarkshire club is part of their outreach programme and community development ethos.

The outreach programme is a long term project which will enhance the young players at EKFC’s greater understanding of community spirit and charity.

EKFC donated two sets of home kit that has allowed a boys and girls team to be formed and provided trophies and medals for a tournament in which 1500 locals from the village of Kiandutu attended.

EKFC chairman Mike Peden said: “EKFC looks forward to continuing with our outreach programme in Kenya and are currently looking at starting more projects locally as well as internationally.”

Angaza co-founder Dedan Njoroge said: “EKFC have played a valuable role in building social interaction through sports.

“We truly appreciate EKFC’s dedication in helping us to achieve the goal of sustainable development for all through football.”

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