Nominations for the 2015 Scottish FA Grassroots Awards, presented by McDonald's and The Sunday Mail come to a close today. Don’t miss your chance to recognise the people and clubs who dedicate their time to grassroots football in the local communities throughout Scotland.
Voters have until midnight tonight to cast their nominations, which can be done at
The three award categories are:
    •    Best Professional Club in the Community 
    •    Best Community Football Club      
    •    Best Coach of the Year           
If you require some inspiration here are some well-known Scottish footballers naming their own ‘Grassroots Heroes’:
Hayley Lauder: "My Dad. He was the first guy that got me involved in a team and took me to games, he’s definitely my biggest influence in getting into the game and becoming a player.”
Paul Lambert: “Football wise growing up its probably Kenny Dalglish. He was the greatest Scotland player that I’d seen in my time. Socially I think it’d be my parents - they’re the ones who kept me on the straight and narrow and without them I wouldn’t be where I am today.”
Robert Snodgrass: "Colin Syme, who was my school manager and Frank Hughes who was my boys’ club manager. These two guys helped me and gave me a chance. Colin used to be the transport through to Livingston. None of the family drove and he was a massive help.”
Take a recap at last year’s ceremony that saw Alex Tulloch of TASS Thistle win the 2014 People’s Award