Murieston United were presented with the Legacy Award at the recent Scottish FA South East Region Quality Mark Awards ceremony. This award was given in recognition of the good work within the club and the community links and focus that the club have made.

When Graham Gibson, Chairperson of Murieston United, was asked about the award after specifically about the atmosphere in the club, he said “From a coaching point of view it is very exciting club to be involved with.”

Graham was also asked about why the club was pushing to create an over 35s team and other teams. “That motivation comes from inside the club,” he said. “We are constantly striving to be inclusive for all.”

Discussing the future, Graham said: “I hope we flourish as a club and to make use of the facilities we have. This also means encourage people that are outside of the football community to come and use the facilities and the café.”

Norrie Anderson, Vice-Chairperson of Murieston United, commented: “The club is now up to about 23-24 teams, ranging from seven-a-side to U21s on the male side and from U11s to ladies on the women’s side. The club has snowballed from where it started.”

“We want everyone to enjoy being at the club and it doesn’t matter what your ability is. As long as everyone is enjoying themselves then that is the main ethos.”

Finally, Norrie was asked about the future of the club, saying “One of the things that came up was the fact that there isn’t really a local sports hall within this area. We are now at the stage were we have now got plans and we are having to present them to the council to hopefully get backing from the council to actually progress that.”