A wife once verbally attacked her Kilmarnock FC daft husband:

“You love that Kilmarnock football team more than you love me”

Quick as a flash he replied,

“I love Ayr United more than I love you!!!”


Similar scenes were repeated all over Ayrshire as dads fell out with their wives and headed out to the football on Valentine’s Day!


Romance was in the air however when their sons arrived at the South West Region Futsal event at the Magnum in Irvine. The teams quickly fell in love with the indoor game that is favoured by European and South American youngsters.


Over 50 teams of 7 players played over the two day event that kicked off on 31st January and caused many an argument between husband and wife when it concluded on 14th February!


This annual event is organised for Age 11s players from each of the three Ayrshire Associations; Central Ayrshire Youth Football League, North Ayrshire Soccer Association and West of Scotland Youth Football League.


Organiser Alan Sloss was delighted by the standard of Futsal on display,


“The format of the game puts more emphasis on individual skill and the low-bounce ball ensures that players have to move more off the ball to receive passes on the floor. The players did really well in adapting from more traditional 5 a side football and we hope that they will be able to transfer the skills that they are learning back into their usual football during the season”


A big congratulations is extended from the Scottish FA to all those who attended and played in such a skilful and sporting manner.