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The Scottish FA has appointed a team of Football Equity Officers whose role it is to help increase the number of people from Ethnic Minority communities taking part in coaching, volunteering and playing football.

Working in this role in the Scottish FA’s West Region is Hala Ousta.

Hala, from Glasgow, has a Post Graduate degree in Equalities and Discrimination and brings with her a wealth of experience working in the equalities sector having worked for the Scottish Government and the Scottish Interfaith Youth Committee.

“I have a great passion for equality and equal opportunities for all, along with football,” she said.

“As a young, ethnic minority female, I feel I can be a role model for others coming from a similar background and work towards raising awareness of opportunities within the community.

“It's a really exciting time for us as Equity Officers and we are fully committed to progressing active participation and development  through direct engagement, awareness raising, facilitating and delivering focused and responsive support to the needs and aspirations of individuals and community groups.”

Work has been carried out by the officers aimed at establishing working relationships with Ethnic Minority  groups and understanding where the barriers are preventing participation in football.

This has culminated in the Scottish FA’s first Football Equity Strategy which sets out how the Association will increase the number of people from Ethnic Minorities involved in football.

You can view the strategy here.

Hala believes that football can be a force for good off the pitch too.

She said: “Grassroots football is a strong vehicle to encourage youth participation in civil life and promote community cohesion and physical, as we as mental wellbeing.”

The opportunity to work on a project which will contribute to increasing female participation is one which Hala is relishing.

She said: “Participation of females from ethnic minorities in football is a great opportunity to create a cultural shift in approaching and practicing the sport for future generations.”

Funding for the Football Equity Officers has come from the Scottish Government’s CashBack for Communities Fund which takes funds recovered from the proceeds of crime and invests them into free activities and programmes for young people across Scotland.

You can contact Hala on 0141 886 7366 or email