A Disciplinary Tribunal convened today in accordance with the Judicial Panel Protocol to consider the following case:

Alleged Party in Breach: Bilel Mohsni (formerly of Rangers FC - Scottish FA Player Registration Number 315013)

Match: Motherwell v Rangers (SPFL Premiership Play-off) - Sunday, 31st May 2015

Disciplinary Rule(s) allegedly breached:

Disciplinary Rule 202: In that at the above match you did commit Excessive Misconduct by committing sending-off offences of Violent Conduct. That Violent Conduct is an offence listed in the Schedule of Offences in Annex C of the Judicial Panel Protocol. That these sending-off offences of Violent Conduct were aggravated by the number of acts of Violent Conduct committed by you, by the prolonged nature of the incident involving these acts, and by the high degree of physical violence used. That your acts of Violent Conduct involved:
i) Kicking Lee Erwin of Motherwell FC
ii) Punching Lee Erwin of Motherwell FC upon the face so that his face was cut and he was injured
iii) Struggling violently with Fraser Kerr of Motherwell FC

Outcome: The player was found in breach, with the deletion of item (iii). An additional three matches were applied to his existing suspension for Violent Conduct, taking the total to seven matches.