Network Rail and the Scottish Football Association have extended their education partnership to spread vital rail safety messages to young people across Scotland.

Over the next three years, the Scottish FA will deliver football camps to engage with and educate young people on staying safe near the railway and about the dangers of anti-social behaviour.

In the last six years, almost 140,000 children and youths have benefitted from the programme with a further 3,600 workshops planned to take place before 2027.

During the football sessions, each young person is provided with a branded bib promoting the safety messaging and receives an informative chat from their Scottish FA coach about the dangers of trespassing and how to use the railway safely.

Nearly, 30,000 of the young people who have been part of the safety workshops have been girls, with almost 110,000 boys participating.

Scotland’s Railway hopes to reach at least a further 90,000 young people with their safety messaging by August 2026.

Liam Sumpter, Route Director for Network Rail Scotland: “It’s great to see our partnership with the Scottish FA go from strength to strength.

“The way they communicate our safety messaging in a fun, active and educational environment is inspiring and makes a real difference to helping us run a safe railway.

“We always try to think of new ways to influence young people on the dangers on the railway. Our message is simple – stay safe, stay off the tracks.”

Andy Gould, Chief Football Officer for the Scottish FA: “At the Scottish FA, we regularly talk about the power that football possesses to transform lives and inspire the nation, and our partnership with Network Rail over the last six years has been a wonderful example of football transcending the pitch to make a tangible impact in Scottish society.

“Through this longstanding partnership we have engaged thousands of children with our national game through these football camps, exposing them to the myriad physical and mental wellbeing benefits offered by football and instilling in them a sense of responsibility through vital rail safety messaging delivered by Network Rail.

“We look forward to continuing this invaluable collaboration with Network Rail to continue to inspire children through football and in turn positively impacting society in a variety of amazing ways.”