The new football equity officer for the Aberdeen region is gearing up for putting miles on the clock in his new role at the Scottish FA.

Harley Hamdani, who is originally from London but has also lived in Oman and Tunisia, has joined the football equity team on a part-time basis but will cover an area which stretches from Stonehaven in the South, Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, all the way to Peterhead in the North.

Harley will be responsible for the development and implementation of the “Football Equity Project” in the North which will provide a specific and focused resource to ethnic and religious minority groups.

There will be a big focus on also linking the project in closely with the already existing AFC Community programmes which will offer a fantastic opportunity to create more diverse projects in the area.

Harley is the latest addition to a team formed in April of 2012 who has since been carrying out groundbreaking work across Scotland to increase football opportunities for the nation’s diverse cultures.