The first Falkirk Cluster Active Schools monthly football festival kicked off on Thursday 6th December at Falkirk High School. Four teams – Bainsford, Bantaskin, Carmuirs and Comely Park Primary Schools - all took part on the opening night of games. 

Organised by Active Schools, the aim of the monthly festivals are to provide primary school teams with regular matches to play throughout the year on top of the annual festivals which take place.  The matches are competitive but scores are not recorded and it is trophy free.  Instead, the focus is on participation, player development and positive coaching. 

Sports Leaders from Falkirk High School assist in running the event and supervising the matches. 

All matches take place at Falkirk High School from 4pm and parents are responsible for transporting their own children to and from the venue.  The hope is that by getting parents involved in the process right at the start, this will help with the sustainability of the festivals long term. 

In Partnership with the Scottish FA, another aim is to encourage coaches and parents to attend coaching courses and Positive Coaching Scotland workshops.  The league also acts as a transition from Primary to Secondary, by providing an opportunity for pupils to meet others from their cluster before they go to high school together.

Chris Rose, Active Schools Coordinator for the Falkirk Cluster said: ”The first night went extremely well with lots of good play, some great goals and excellent sportsmanship. 

"To recognise the players achievements, at the end of the night several players were given ‘Star Player’ and ‘Magic Moment’ awards which were decided by the team managers. 

“I remember the feeling I used to get when I was selected to play for my primary school team, from the moment you see your name on the team sheet through to the day of the game when you’re given your strip.

It brought back memories seeing how excited the players were to be representing their school.  They had a real sense of togetherness and it was great to so many parents and family members along to watch. My hope is that the parents and families will play an active role to keep the league going and make it a success.”

Aidan Forbes, Football Development Officer for Falkirk said:
“Having spoken with Chris some time ago it was clear that there is an appetite within schools to be competing on a more regular basis. 

"Whilst it is early days this is the first cluster to start up and we are looking forward to Larbert following suit in a couple of weeks time.  Going forward I hope to get more Active Schools co-ordinators involved in the programme and get monthly festivals established across every cluster in the area whilst developing a sustainable model. 

"For the meantime though a big thanks to Chris for pulling this together and for his continued efforts in supporting the development of football in the area”