At the recent Scottish FA West Region Quality Mark Awards, North Glasgow United picked up the Development Mark Award.

The Development Award means that the club operates at an efficient standard, with four or more teams across a minimum of four age groups. The Quality Mark Award recognises proactive clubs and schools working to increase youth and community participation. Chairman of North Glasgow United, David Birrell, was keen to praise the progress that the club had made to achieve this award.

Birrell said: “We continually develop, as far as making sure our coaches have attained the appropriate levels of coaching, as well as other volunteers, first aiders, player protection people and, of course, the kids who are continually progressing with the help of the volunteers and coaches. So we’ve made great strides over the last couple of years since we started. We just continue to develop.”

He reiterated his gratitude to those who have helped since they were founded in 2012 by a small group of volunteers. “We received help from parents and members of the local community. We are a socially inclusive club, we have kids from all different backgrounds and we now have somewhere in the region of 80 kids involved in the club.”

Birrell sees a bright future for North Glasgow United and knows that this award will help them to grow even bigger. “We want to have this club here for a long, long time, and as long as people are wanting to help out, parents wanting to help out, then the kids are happy at the club, happy playing and happy training, and obviously the coaches getting that development will stand us in good stead in the future.”

As well as commending the effort of the local community, Birrell also took time to highlight the help that the Scottish FA has provided. He said: “To start with, we were new to this and we had no idea where to go. So the team at the Scottish FA West Region have been invaluable, as far as guidance and assistance are concerned. Without Football Development Officer Stephen Clarke’s help, this growth in a short space of time wouldn’t have been possible.”