Positive Coaching Scotland, in partnership with Fife Council and the Scottish FA, will be hosting a parents workshop for all female football clubs in Fife and the East Region Performance Squad.

The workshop will take place at Elmwood College, Cupar, on Tuesday 1 September.

Scotland faces a number of challenging social issues which are now overflowing into youth sport: violence on the touchline, disrespect for officials , coaches who are only focused on winning at all costs, reduced levels of physical activity and rising levels of obesity, falling levels of volunteer participation, and ‘win at all costs’ sports clubs.

Together, these factors contribute to increasing numbers of young people dropping out from sport.  PCS is working to reverse this trend and encourage more people to adopt 'sport for life'.

PCS is a cultural change programme designed to create a positive environment for young people in sport, by teaching them to:

  • appreciate the value of effort and learning;
  • improve personal performance;
  • foster a competitive, but fair, sporting mentality;
  • deal positively with mistakes. 

Positive Coaching Scotland Parents Workshop
Tuesday 1st September, 2009
6.30pm – 8.30pm
Elmwood College, Cupar

If you would like to attend the parents workshop, please email Sam.milne@scottishfa.co.uk by Tuesday 25th August.