A participation centre in Aberdeen, launched in partnership between Aberdeen FC Community Trust (AFCCT) and Active School, is aiming to encourage children from all backgrounds to play football.

Sessions at St Machar Participation Centre are open to all children in St Machar ASG, promoted through schools and are held on Monday evenings from 5pm-7pm. Over 50 children are registered and play on a weekly basis, roughly half of which are from an ethnic minority background which is aimed to naturally integrate these children into mainstream football.

Glentanar CFC are also involved in the sessions as part of their action plan for the UEFA Captains of Change project delivered by the Scottish FA. They are taking an active role in the sessions and are creating a pathway for children to move into grassroots club football.

Diversity and Inclusion role models also attend the session in the hope that they can encourage participation. These include coach Zubi Emele, as well as volunteers Ernest Gaza and Josefine Bjorkqvist.

North Region contact:
Harley Hamdani
Regional Office: 01224 650400
Mobile: 07795 370722