A former St Columbus pupil is preparing to join women’s football elite in Germany later this month.

Lisa Evans (20) , a Balbeggie-based Scotland international, is to join Turbine Potsdam – one of the biggest clubs in women’s football.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity,” she said. “It will be sad to leave my team mates at Glasgow City but I am really looking forward to it.”

The Glasgow City forward, who has won every domestic honour available, is one of only a handful of Scots to play the game on a professional basis.

In Germany, the league is fully professional with a large fan base.

Lisa benefitted from the thriving girls’ and women’s football scene in Perthshire.

Explaining her footballing background, Glasgow City’s top goal scorer from last season said: “I played football at primary school and played for a boys school team, competing in different tournaments.

“I also played for local team St Johnstone girls until signing for Glasgow City FC.

“I attended regional squads (East Region) at Mcdiarmid park until moving to Stirling to be part of the national women’s football academy.”

It was playing against her future employers in last season’s Champions League when she caught the eye of the German giants.

But she admitted she will have to brush up on her German when she lands in Potsdam for pre-season training.

“Unfortunately I studied French and Spanish at school, so know zilch German but I'll be picking it up over there and taking classes,” she said.

Women’s football in Scotland is one of the greatest success stories in Scottish football of recent years.

The Scotland team currently sit at 21 in the world rankings and are on course for a play-off position for the European Championships in Sweden next year.

“The success of the women’s game is continually rising in Scotland and will only continue to do so with the introduction of many national academies and performance centres throughout the country,” Lisa said.

“This gives young girls a chance to train before school, college, or Uni.

“Teams throughout the women’s domestic leagues are training more often and at higher intensities which can only improve the overall performance levels.”

Lisa is the perfect role model for young girls hoping to start playing the game.

Offering her advice, she said: “You must enjoy it. Play it to have fun and enjoy it.

“Football allows you to meet so many new people and go to so many different places.

“If you are serious, you should stick with it and devote as much time as you can to it.

“You will reap the rewards.”