The Scottish FA Central region's next Referee's Awareness course for this year will take place at Broadwood Leisure Centre on the 9th September.

The three-hour course, commencing at 6pm, will also be free of charge. 

Last year the Central Region linked with the Referee's Department to develop this course for the Small Sided Game that links to the National Player Pathway and will assist the Match Supervisors and possibly the coaches who work at this level giving them a better understanding.

The four main objectives for attendees of the course are as follows:

- To introduce you to the "Laws of the Game" that link to the National Player Pathway and are relevant to children’s football in Scotland
- To provide you with a better understanding of the role of the referee in football
- To equip you with the knowledge you need to be an effective referee / match supervisor in children’s football in Scotland
- To have more knowledgeable people supervising small sided games and educating the young players

The course will use powerpoint and match footage to discuss the following topics over the 3 hour workshop:

Law 1 The Field of Play
Law 2 The Ball
Law 3 The Number of Players
Law 4 The Players’ Equipment
Law 5 The Referee
Law 7 Duration of the match
Law 8 The Start and restart of play
Law 9 Ball in and out of play
Law 10 The method of scoring
Law 12 Fouls and Misconduct
Law 13 Free Kicks
Law 14 The Penalty Kick
Law 15 The Throw In
Law 16 The Goal Kick
Law 17 The Corner Kick

On completion of the course all attendees will be added onto the Referee Database as a Category 8 referee.

The application form is available here.