In response to Paul McBride QC's statement of regret, Stewart Regan, the Scottish FA chief executive, has issued the following release:

"Following constructive discussions with Paul McBride, I can confirm that the Scottish Football Association will not proceed with either a defamation case against him or a complaint to the Faculty of Advocates.

"Whilst anyone is entitled to criticise the Scottish Football Association, we cannot allow our integrity to be challenged. Now that this issue is behind us, we can concentrate on the internal and constitutional reforms which will benefit Scottish football going forward."

Paul McBride QC:

"In the course of an interview given to BBC Scotland on 12 April 2011, I made a number of remarks which followed the decision made at the disciplinary hearing involving Rangers FC players and their assistant manager.

"Following discussions with the Scottish Football Association, I recognise that offence has been taken to my remarks by the Scottish Football Association as an organisation, its council and its staff, and for that I express regret.

"I have a lot of respect for many individuals within the Scottish FA, not least Stewart Regan. Under his leadership, I anticipate many reforms which will be welcomed across Scotland."