Whilst male players are often held up as role models to young players, the women's game is often overlooked.

The new Role Models project being rolled out across the country is aiming to change this by getting the Women's A Squad players out to events where young players, in particular young female players, are taking part to show how far it is possible to take your football career in Scotland.

In the Central Region we have already had several events, the Clackmannanshire Girls' football festival and the Olympic Torch walk were Jane Ross, Leanne Ross and Rhonda Jones have been able to visit the young players getting involved.

Michael McPake, the Central Region Girls' and Women's Development Officer said "We are aiming to raise the awareness of the women's game across the region by getting players out to events to make sure young female players can have something to aspire to and look up to. We want young players to stay involved in the game as long as possible and hopefully this will inspire them to play football for the long term."

If your club or area has an event you would like the players to attend please contact Michael McPake on