Powerchair Football
Scotland v Middlesbrough PFC
Saturday 15 December, kick-off 3pm
National Sports Training Centre, Largs

The first ever Scotland Powerchair football squad has been named, with 13 players selected to represent their country in the historic occasion.

Scotland will take on English Premiership side Middlesbrough PFC at sportscotland’s Inverclyde National Sports Training Centre in Largs on 15 December, with the action getting underway at 3pm.

MDUK Premiership leaders Clyde Alba provide six of the 13-strong squad, with the league’s leading goal-scorer, Tayside Dynamos’ Eythan Galloway, also included in the playing group.


Logan Mitchelson (Tayside Dynamos)
Kieran Burns (Clyde Alba)
Connor Colhoun (Glasgow Gladiators)
Thomas Pettigrew (Clyde Alba)
James Doull (South Ayrshire Tigers)
Nicky Duncan (Tayside Dynamos)
Eythan Galloway (Tayside Dynamos)
Colin Shields (Clyde Alba)
Ben Hetherington (Clyde Alba)
Kein Speed (Tayside Dynamos)
Connor McCole (Clyde Alba)
Chris Jacquin (Lothian Wolves)
Lewis McConnell (Clyde Alba)