Scotland’s international players are set to be boosted by an exciting new partnership with Soccer Supplement, who become the new official nutrition partner of the Scotland national teams.

The deal will see the London-based organisation provide their leading edge football performance products to fuel the Scotland Men’s and Women’s senior squads and youth teams for the next two years.

Founded in 2016, Soccer Supplement became the first sports nutrition brand to create products specifically designed for football. The brand will be no stranger to some of Scotland’s top players, through partnerships the company have built with the PFA, West Ham United, Sheffield United and many more.

A range of energy gel, whey protein, match recovery, injury recovery and hydration products, trusted by more than 100 football clubs worldwide from top-level to amateurs, will be made available to the national teams for matches and training.

Scottish FA Head of High Performance Graeme Jones said: “Many of our players across all age groups will be familiar with the benefits provided by Soccer Supplement products.

“In the physically demanding world of elite sport, it is imperative for athletes to fuel themselves correctly. Soccer Supplement offer a range of products built to optimise energy, strength and hydration. A product designed with player performance and health at the forefront of their approach is a welcome boost for our teams.”

Glaswegian Mark Britton, who co-founded the London based company, said: “I can’t think of a bigger personal honour than working with the Scotland National Team. As a business we’re really excited for what we hope is a long partnership.

“We’re especially happy to build upon the existing relationships we have with Scottish players in the Scottish Premiership and English Premier League. We would like to extend a massive thanks to them and to everyone at the Scottish FA for getting us here.”

In addition to fuelling top level athletes, Soccer Supplement offer a free nutrition guide for anyone looking to optimise their game, available to download from