FIFAe Nations Series 2022 Play-In Qualifiers
Thursday, 7 April 2022, kick-off 4:00pm
Friday, 8 April 2022, kick-off 4:00pm

This week is matchweek 4 of the FIFAe Nations Series 2022 Qualifiers, with Scotland looking to progress to the FIFAe Nations Cup tournament, held by FIFA and EA Sports.

Scotland have made a positive start to the competition, after securing wins against both Spain and Italy earlier in the qualification process and remaining in Division 1.


Scotland’s FIFA eNations Series 2022 squad consists of three players: 2020 ePremier League Champion Marc Marley (@MarcMarleyyy), ePremier League player Adam Ryan (@AdamRyanFIFA) and Scotland NT player Gary McInnes (@xBigStuff).


Italy v  Scotland – 7 April 2022, kick-off 4:00pm
Scotland v Spain – 7 April 2022, kick-off 4:55pm
Sweden v Scotland – 7 April 2022, kick-off 5:50pm
Scotland v Portugal - 7 April 2022, kick-off 6:45pm

Scotland v Estonia – 8 April 2022, kick-off 4:00pm
Iceland v Scotland – 8 April 2022, kick-off 4:55pm
Scotland v Germany – 8 April 2022, kick-off 5:50pm


All games will be available to watch on our Scotland National Team Twitch Channel.


The format consists of single round-robin group stage within each division each match week, played as 2v2 remote (each player sitting on separate consoles). There are two conferences with two divisions each. There will be promotion and relegation between the divisions between each of the match weeks. Each division will have 7-8 teams, and each team can expect to play 6-7 matchups per match week.