Scotland and Celtic defender, Rhonda Jones, has handed over brand new kit to the girls from Giffnock Soccer Centre to mark the start of a new partnership with local Vauxhall dealership, Peter Vardy.

Jones, who was recently named international player of the year at the Scottish Women’s Football Awards, visited the players at a training session at Williamwood High School to hand over the kit as part of Scotland team sponsor Vauxhall’s Youth Programme.

Rhonda Jones said: “I really enjoyed meeting the girls and I am delighted to hand over the new Vauxhall kit.

“There are excellent opportunities for girls to get involved in football now that didn’t exist when I was starting out in the game. It is vital that we support the girls’ game in local communities and it’s great to see Vauxhall giving their backing to Giffnock Soccer Centre. This is a fantastic initiative and one that I am proud to support.”

Roddy McAlister, head of people and organisation at Peter Vardy said: “Supplying Giffnock Soccer Centre girls’ squad with brand new kit is just the starting point in an exciting partnership with them.

“Vauxhall’s sponsorship of Giffnock Soccer Centre girls’ squad, highlights the importance of supporting the game from the bottom at grassroots level to the top at the international game, and showcases just how committed Vauxhall are as a Home Nations football sponsor.

“As well as providing Giffnock Soccer Centre with their new kit, we will have dedicated members of our staff, Euan Cameron and Dale Smith, working closely with the team. They will give their time and ideas, whether it’s helping to organise the Christmas party or transport to games.

“This is about looking at what our young players are telling us and providing them with options to overcome the highlighted barriers, helping transition them into creating a football habit for life.

“We have no doubt the support of the Vauxhall dealerships will make a significant positive difference to football in the local area.”