The legal claim by the Scotland Women’s National Team has been withdrawn and the Scottish FA and the players are pleased that the matter has been resolved without the need for tribunal proceedings.


We look forward to focusing our collective efforts on qualification for UEFA EURO 2025, continuing to accelerate the growth of the girls’ and women’s game, and inspiring the nation. 


Ian Maxwell, Scottish FA Chief Executive: “The growth of women’s football is one of the Scottish FA’s highest strategic priorities. We have reiterated our commitment to equality – specifically with regard to commercial appearances, prize money distribution and resources.


“We must now look forward with a shared goal: to return to major tournaments; working together to bring success on the field that will in turn encourage broadcasters and rights holders to do more to bridge the value gap that remains the biggest obstacle on the journey to equality within the women’s game globally.”


Rachel Corsie, Scotland Women’s National Team: “I am glad that we have been able to find a resolution, avoiding the need for a tribunal. The legal route is one that nobody wanted to undertake but positive discussions have taken place during the intervening period with mutual respect, understanding and cooperation.


“As captain, I believe we have a responsibility to push for the highest standards on and off the field. The Scottish FA has made significant inroads in this regard and together we are on an evolutionary journey. We are proud to have parity, not just for the current generation but more significantly for future generations of players.”