Following a scheduled meeting of the Scottish FA Board, Chief Executive Stewart Regan has confirmed the Association’s support for Michel Platini ahead of the forthcoming FIFA Presidential election.

The current President of UEFA, European football’s governing body, announced last month that he would stand in next year’s election to replace Sepp Blatter.

FIFA have confirmed that the election will take place on 26th February 2016 and have also announced a reform programme to include integrity checks for Executive Committee members, the introduction of term limits, higher standards of governance, and individual disclosure of compensation.

“From the perspective of the smaller countries, he has opened up the channels of communication and ensured that every country, irrespective of size, has a voice,” said Stewart Regan.

“That is healthy for the game and if he is prepared to do that across the world, I'm sure he will be well-received.

“We discussed the FIFA election at our recent Board meeting and agreed that the Scottish FA would support Michel Platini’s candidacy.”