A bespoke offering containing the UEFA C Licence and UEFA Goalkeeping B Licence courses aimed exclusively at goalkeeping coaches will begin in April, as the latest part in a series of new programmes being introduced by the Scottish FA Coach Education Department. 

The UEFA C Licence is now a requirement for coaches aiming to progress from the Goalkeeping Coaching Award to the UEFA Goalkeeping B Licence. With a significant number of goalkeeping coaches looking to bridge this gap, the decision has been taken to tailor an edition of the UEFA C Licence course specifically around the goalkeeper position.

Applications are now open for the course, which will kick off on Friday, 7th April. Should candidates successfully complete the UEFA C Licence, they will be able to go straight onto a UEFA Goalkeeping B Licence course, that begins in May and concludes in November.

The Scottish FA Coach Education Department are also offering a significantly discounted rate for candidates who are looking to complete both courses in 2023. 

The UEFA C Licence comprises two practical components; Conducting a Training Session and Shaping a Team, as well as theoretical components around Football Psychology and Physical Preparation for Goalkeepers. These are delivered over three separate phases throughout April.

Paul Mathers, Goalkeeping Performance and Coach Education Manager, Scottish FA: "Previously, goalkeeping coaches could go straight from the Goalkeeping Coaching Award to the UEFA Goalkeeping B Licence.

"The change introduced by UEFA brings the goalkeeping coach pathway in line with the outfield equivalent and we are confident it will help drive the standards in goalkeeping coaches.

"Although the title of this course remains 'UEFA C Licence', this particular offering has been specially designed with an onus towards goalkeepers in terms of the modules - both from a preparation and a psychology point of view.

"While goalkeeping coaches are welcome to apply for any UEFA C Licence course, we would encourage anyone with ambitions of progressing towards the UEFA Goalkeeping A or B Licence to take up this unique opportunity of a course tailored to their needs.”

Martyn Buckie, Grassroots Coach Education & Development Manager, Scottish FA: "Following this change to the pathway by UEFA, we felt it was crucial to design this specific course to help assist and support our goalkeeping coaches onto their UEFA Goalkeeping B Licence.

"This unique, bespoke offering is just one example of a number of new courses we are introducing, following last month's announcement of the brand new Coach Educator & Developer Award.

"Plans for other additions to our Coach Education course offering will be announced over the course of what is set to be an exciting 2023."

Applications can be made by visiting https://login.scottishfalive.co.uk.

For those applying for the UEFA C Licence and the UEFA Goalkeeping B Licence, the combined fee is £1100 - representing a £340 saving for candidates.

To avail of the discount, both courses must be booked at once as described above. Please note, the double booking option will be available from Monday, 6 March.

The updated Coach Education Department portfolio can be viewed below: