The Scottish FA has launched its brand new Scottish Football Coaching Podcast, which aims to provide coaches at all levels across the country with a valuable resource as they continue their coaching journey.

Host Greg Mailer was joined by a trio of guests for the podcast’s pilot episode, as Scottish FA Performance Director Malky Mackay, Head of Coach Education and Development Greig Paterson and Head of Football Development Andy Gould participated in a roundtable discussion.

The podcast focused mainly on the recent coach education trip to the USA, as well as the learning points from that trip that can be applied to the Scottish coaching landscape.

Further episodes will be released in due course, with the aim of supporting and developing coaches nationwide.

This is the third podcast series to be launched by the Scottish FA, following the success of the Official Scotland Podcast and the Scottish Football Marketing Podcast.

"I think that this podcast gives us so many different points for discussion," said Paterson.

"It allows us to look at how coaches are getting on as they start out in their career, as well as how they're doing as they navigate their respective pathways for example."

Mackay added: “Part of our job is to lend our experience out to those involved in coaching and to inspire them.

“Coaches are desperate for further education, support and content, now more than ever.

“If you look at the coaches in my department and get them all around the table, there is such a wealth of experience there that we can absolutely share and use to help develop the next generation.”

Listen to the pilot episode now.