A new education programme for Premiership clubs and Scotland national teams is set to be delivered by the Scottish FA as part of its ongoing commitment to Clean Sport. 

Over the last two years the Scottish FA has introduced significant support to enhance the Clean Sport message within Scottish Football following the guidance of WADA’s (World Anti-Doping Agencies) commitment to International Standards for Education.

This has coincided with UKAD’s guidance around all national governing bodies of sport in the UK developing an assurance framework of support and a commitment to deliver education.

The Scottish FA has committed to delivering ongoing education as part of this commitment and has employed national trainer Graeme Foreman to develop the education programme for all Scotland national teams and age-groups teams, as well as SPFL Premiership and Championship teams in the first phase.

The Scottish FA has so far delivered 51 courses to 1431 players, coaches and support staff, with work set to continue over the next 18 months to roll-out the programme and consolidate the foundation work already introduced.

The programme has been highlighted as good practice by UEFA, with Scottish FA Anti-doping Lead Martin Stolarek and Anti-Doping Educator and UKAD National Trainer Graeme Foreman asked to deliver a programme review at UEFA’s headquarters in Nyon for the UEFA Anti-Doping Conference.

Graeme Foreman: “There is still much work to be done around the other leagues as well as education to young players, parents and grassroots Scottish football, but so far the engagement and interaction from clubs, coaches, players and staff has been very good."

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