The Scottish Football Association is committed to ensuring that football in Scotland is open to all and that barriers, real and perceived, are removed particularly in relation to under-represented groups. This will ensure participation, fairness, and equality is promoted across our national game.

Equity is integrated into the work of the Scottish FA as set out in its Equity Framework and Action Plan (the EFAP). The Football Diversity & Inclusion Project is integral to the EFAP, comprises a strategic partnership with BEMIS (Black & Ethnic Minority Infrastructure Scotland), and is funded through the Scottish Government’s CashBack for Communities (CashBack).

The EFAP, Football Diversity & Inclusion Project, and this Football Equity Survey, are part of a long term Scottish FA-BEMIS partnership to increase awareness, participation, and cultural change in football, so that groups across Scotland’s ethnic minority communities access and participate in Scotland’s national game.

To make sure that we are achieving our aims and objectives and also taking into the correct considerations for the ethnic minority community, we have released our second consultation survey to gain the necessary information. This survey is an integral part of the Football Diversity & Inclusion Project. It provides a baseline of interest and knowledge, perceptions and barriers, and participation, of ethnic minority communities, in football and the Scottish FA. The survey has and will continue to inform strategy for the Football Diversity & Inclusion Project.