Hibernian goalkeeper Shannon Lynn produced an outstanding display in what was a memorable first Scotland start for the 25-year-old. She produced a shut-out in a 2-0 win over England in the Cyprus Women's Cup.

The Hibernian number one's only previous cap was an appearance as a half-time substitute in a 1-0 friendly win over Switzerland in June 2010.

Shannon topped an impressive team performance in Cyprus with a superb save to prevent Jill Scott levelling for England on the stroke of half time, and help Scotland to a first win over their rivals in more than 30 years.

Speaking about her first Scotland start, Shannon said:  "I've played football my whole life and I go into every game and every training session with the same attitude. Of course I was nervous and excited, but I tried to block that out and look at it as I would any other game.

"I found out I was playing the night before and there was a lot of positivity from the players and the coaches so I felt really good going into the game.

"As a goalkeeper, you need patience. Gemma Fay has been excellent for Scotland for a long time. Working alongside Gemma has been a great experience and has been very positive for me. I work as hard I can in training and have had good feedback, but I was a bit surprised to hear that I was starting on Friday. You hope for it and train towards it, but you can't expect it. It felt amazing to get that opportunity in such a memorable game.

"The team just played so well, everyone worked hard for each other. I felt that I gained more confidence as the game went on because of that. I was happy with my performance and some of the saves I made, but the performance as a whole is what matters

"We've been here for a week and had a lot more time to work together and get comfortable playing together than we usually would. I think we have such good players now that you can put any combination together and you will get a performance.

"The four that played across the back against England, as a goal keeper, you couldn't have asked for more. They were in control and we all worked for each other.

"After any win you are ecstatic, but this one was a good feeling, particularly for the girls who have been around the squad for a while, who know all about the statistics and know we haven't had a result against England for as long as they can remember. We played really well and deserved to win, but it seems a bit unreal, especially when you know how well thought of England are.

"We are seen as the underdogs in a lot of situations, but I'm sure people who are here at this tournament will see the level we are at now and you would like to think that will spread through word of mouth.

"Playing against teams like England and Canada who are going to the World Cup, we are hitting the same standard, playing at the same intensity. It's an amazing feeling, it makes you want to strive for bigger things. Competing with teams who are going to the World Cup makes you feel that you can get there too."

Watch highlights of the game agianst England including a pivotal stop by Shannon to keep England from equalising on the stroke of half-time on the official Scotland National Team facebook page.