The Scottish FA South West Region made history on Saturday when they hosted their first ever Scottish FA Skills Challenge Event at St Josephs Academy in Kilmarnock.
The skills challenge provides opportunities for young players to improve basic skills. The skills cover all aspects of the modern game from dribbling to passing and shooting.

The overall aim of Scottish FA Skills Testing:

• To create a tool which will motivate children and young people to practice the skills needed in Football.

• To create a tool for coaches to develop and asses’ player’s skills levels.

• To create a training culture which is based on skill development and hard work.

• To create realistic tests which reflex the skills needed in the modern game.

Later this year the Scottish FA will hold a National Skills Challenge event with players from across Scotland taking part to determine an overall Scottish FA Skills Champion 2010.

The Scottish FA has also produced an exciting 3D DVD to go along with these tests to allow coaches to have the opportunity to set up the challenges and use them as part of their training structure.

If you wish to find out more on the Scottish FA Skills Challenge please contact.

Alan Sloss

01293 317430