St Mirren Football Club community section launched their ‘Street Football Programme’ in partnership with Renfrewshire Council, PDRC and the Scottish government for the ‘Street Football programme’ Community Coach Frazer Robertson and his team of coaches have three mobile football pitches which will be used to try and give kids in the local communities something to do on nights where they may be more inclined to be hanging around in the streets causing disruption

Frazer said of the scheme, “We’ll take the mobile pitches out with us every Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights into the local communities. We’ll work in one area for twelve weeks then will more onto another one- that is basically how the scheme will work.


“We’ll go out into areas were the local tasking group have notified us that there are high rates of youth disorder. So we’ll look for an area close to where the kids will hang about and go at nights. In other words we go where the youths are and set up our mobile pitch there”


“The pitches can be set up in any space something like a car park would be ideal- they are 15 meters long by 10 metres wide and they take about 20 to 25 minutes to set up”

The scheme is still in its infancy but the initial feedback from the police has been very good. With the school summer holiday season not far off the positive feedback helps give the scheme further drive”


Frazer explained “We started the scheme in Linwood and the first weekend that we did it the police confirmed that the reports of youth disorder were down by 80%”

“The really positive thing is that these figures still seem to be about the same which is pretty good as we have had about 3400 kids taking part in the first six weeks of the scheme running”


“Once we complete our 12 weeks programme in Linwood and Renfrew we’ll move out to other areas in Renfrewshire and we’re hopeful that we can keep getting good results as the popularity of the scheme grows in the coming months ahead”