Martin Henry, the Chair of the Independent Review of Sexual Abuse in Scottish Football, issues the following personal statement in response to reports this morning.

“Firstly, I am hugely disappointed that, following an interview with Channel 4 updating on the significant work undertaken by the Review team, I am compelled to clarify any uncertainty that has arisen from reports this morning. 

“For the avoidance of doubt, and given the seriousness of the subject matter, neither in the Channel 4 interview nor in the as yet unpublished final report is there any reference to liability on any clubs that have formed part of the review. This is, quite simply, not within the terms of reference the review team have been working to.

“Equally, the final report will make no reference to compensation. On the contrary, in my dealings with the survivors, there is a clear wish for acknowledgement and wider recompense – amends to be made in whatever way deemed appropriate by that survivor - for the harm suffered. This is, of course, entirely a matter for the survivors and again not within the scope of the final report. I have stated consistently that the pursuit of personal justice is not necessarily financial.

“On the specific reference to Celtic FC, one of many clubs referenced in the final report, the Review in actual fact states clearly that the club has gone to great lengths to address any past contacts between the club and Celtic Boys Club - and have done so effectively. This is welcomed by the Review and welcomed within the review.

“The efforts of the Review team are completely focused on protecting young people by learning from the past to make football a safe place for children and young people.” 

The Scottish FA also wishes to clarify that Martin was speaking in his independent capacity and that personal views expressed are not in the scope of the Review’s Terms of Reference, nor are they endorsed by the Scottish FA.