Stewart Regan, Scottish FA Chief Executive:

“The last week represented a challenging and traumatic time for Scottish football. Now that the refereeing fraternity has made its point through a withdrawal of labour, it is essential for the image and indeed the health of the game that we all learn from this experience to ensure no repeat.

"In relation to Dougie McDonald’s retirement, we appreciate the difficulties senior referees are facing with increasing pressure exerted on them. Dougie felt that pressure in the aftermath of the Dundee United v Celtic game had become intolerable.

"In his statement, Dougie referred to a perceived lack of general support from one of the Scottish FA committees. We have already identified the need to make changes to our current disciplinary processes. These changes will lead to significant improvement for the Scottish FA and the game in general.

"We welcome the referees’ intention to sit down and play their part in delivering the changes required.

"I reiterate my personal determination to improve the efficiency and transparency of our decision-making. I have received Board support in this regard and it is imperative we are given time to put the changes in place.

"This review will also require the patience and support of clubs, fans and the media, all of whom I am sure will recognise that such measures will benefit the game as a whole.”