A groundbreaking new football practice resource was tested this week when the lads from Strathaven Dynamo were put through their paces by Scottish FA Regional Staff.

Ritchie Wilson, John Brown and Alan Sloss gave Dynamo (a Quality Mark Community Level club) the first chance to experience the Scottish FA's Football Skills Challenge at Strathaven Sports Centre.
All of the club’s coaches turned out to learn how to set up the Football Skills Challenges for themselves, as the players were put through challenges including keep it up, heading, passing, dribbling, dribbling and shooting, and distance kick.
All scores were measured and the 13-year-old lads will practice each activity to ensure that they improve their scores when they repeat the challenges later in the year.
The aim is for the players to work hard to improve their scores, and in doing so improve their technique and become better overall players.
The Football Skills Challenge DVD contains footage of all the skills, details on how to deliver them for various age groups, and scoring sheets that record achievement. All Strathaven Dynamo coaches were issued with their own copy.
In Scandinavia, where the idea originated, there are local, regional and national skills championships, and the Scottish FA is planning a similar roll out across Scotland in the near future.
Let’s hope that the Strathaven lads, and all young Scottish players, can rise to the challenge... the Football Skills Challenge!