The Scottish FA have appointed Stuart Glennie and James Grady as Scotland Under-15s and Under-16s Head Coaches.

Both have previously worked in elite level youth coaching with the Scottish FA, having experienced success as head coaches in the Scottish FA JD Performance Schools and assisting across the different Scotland men’s youth national teams, and will now take charge of the Under-16s and the newly-created Scotland Under-15s sides.

The duo, who will combine their new national team coaching duties with their existing JD Performance School roles, will rotate responsibility as head coach for each level to provide each age group with consistency in their development.

Grady will initially take charge of the Under-15s side and will step up with them as they progress to Under-16s level, with Glennie subsequently taking the next Under-15s age group for two years.

Glennie will replace former Under-16s Head Coach Stuart McLaren, who left the Scottish FA at the end of 2021, having guided the Scotland Under-16s side to success in the Victory Shield in 2019

Scottish FA Head of Men’s Performance Coaching Scot Gemmill: “Both Stuart and James bring a wealth of youth coaching experience – both from their roles at the JD Performance Schools but also having worked with our national youth teams at various age levels – and their experience will be a tremendous benefit to the development of these players.

“The Scotland youth national teams have now got an established way of playing: real habits that are coached and influenced as they work towards playing in competitive matches in the older age groups.

“The introduction of the Under-15s level gets a head start on that. It allows us to get to know the players more, find out how we can coach and influence them, while working closely with their own clubs to develop them.”

James Grady: “The new Under-15s level will extend the period of time that we, as national youth team coaches, have to work with the players and teach them the habits that we look for all Scotland youth players to develop.

“Having previously worked as head coach of the Under-16s I am looking forward to again working with the talented pool of players at national team level as we look to instil the values that underpin the development of our elite players.”

Stuart Glennie: “After working with the Under-16s side for the past few years I am excited about taking over from Stuart McLaren as Head Coach and leading the side into this year’s Victory Shield. 

“The Scotland youth teams have been closely aligned in how young players are developed and influenced in recent years.

“The insight that James and I have had into this through our work in the Performance Schools and assisting with the national teams should make for a successful transition as we begin to develop the next generation of Scotland players.”