International Challenge Match
Sweden v Scotland
Wednesday 11 August, 2010
Kick-off tbc

As you will know, it was confirmed yesterday that the Råsunda National Stadium in Solna, Stockholm will be the venue for our match on 11 August.

Our team are in the process of making arrangements for the standard pre-site visit to Sweden, which is likely to be next week.  This meeting is where negotiations for our ticket allocation start so we're looking for your help beforehand.

It would be very useful to have an idea of how many members would ideally like to attend so that we can use this in these talks.

Please take a minute to log in and answer our poll before Monday 12 April to help us try obtain as many tickets as possible!

It's really important to note that this is not a ticket application and tickets will still be allocated on the basis of away match points when the time comes, but an overall figure for the number of people definitely interested or not would be very helpful at this stage.

Thank you for your assistance!