TACC are proud to announce the launch in April of the TACC Footea Club.

Each Friday evening at Spartans Community Football Academy in North Edinburgh, local children and young people are invited to play football, enjoy a hot, nutritous meal, and spend time with their friends playing pool, Wii etc. The children live in one of Scotland most deprived areas and are referred to us by local agencies that work with disadvantaged children.

The concept was developed by Spartans and TACC. Spartans manage the programme and provide the facilities and staff, while TACC have provided a grant to fund the programme throughout 2010.

It's a project that we hope to introduce to other deprived areas of Scotland later in 2010.

What is it?
A programme run in conjunction with Scottish football clubs to enhance the health and well-being of children in areas of poverty.

Although the experience will be slightly different at each club the basis will remain the same, offering local children:

  • A game of football on a Friday or Sunday evening.
  • A hot, healthy and nutritious meal in the Clubroom
  • Games of pool, Wii etc or more football
  • Time to spend with their friends and youth workers

The aim
In the areas of Scotland where it is most needed, the TACC Footea Club will promote:

Healthy eating and nutritional education
Ensuring that the children have at least one hot, healthy meal over the weekend

Outdoor sport and exercise

Ensuring that the children get the opportunity of outdoor exercise at least once per week

Youth football development
Offering the children coaching by the countries top football clubs and qualified coaches

Engaging with adults
In areas where single parent families are common, offering the children the chance to engage with adults in a fun and relaxed atmosphere (as opposed to teachers, social workers and police)

Which children?

The children will all be referred to TACC and the partner Clubs by local agencies who work with disadvantaged children within the 8-12 years age range. In addition the Clubs may already have identified youths through their various community programmes.

What does good look like?

‘Good’ will be the service being popular and well attended, with more children looking to join than we can accommodate (we would never stop a child from attending even if max numbers had been achieved, we would find a way to feed them), with more and more children being referred and the project being held up as an example of Best Practice in the area.
If you have links to a football club that you think would be interested in providing this services to local children, and has the facilities and resource to do so, please get in touch with TACC to discuss potential funding.

The TACC Lottery

If you would like to contribute towards the TACC Footea programme, or any other TACC project at home or abroad, please make a donation via our website or sign up to the TACC Lottery.

It takes 2 minutes to sign up to the Lottery online at www.tartanarmychildrenscharity.org.uk/lottery

Costing only £5 per month, 50% of proceeds go towards TACC projects and grants for disadvantaged children.

And each month you could win the other 50% up to £1,000, or one of our special prizes....June's special prize will be a trip to Prague to watch Scotland vs Czech Republic