The last few weeks have seen a flurry of activity within the Stirling area due to the Scottish FA Tesco Bank programme.

Two Tesco Bank festivals were held for local school pupils who had previously attended the Tesco Bank coaching programme.

The first of these was held on Friday 6th May at Stirling High School and attracted 130 primary 2 and 3 pupils.  The second festival, on Thursday 12th May at Bannockburn High School, had over 150 young footballers in attendance. At each event all pupils in attendance had the opportunity to play games and practice their skills as well as receive information about opportunities to play at their local clubs; Stirling City and Bannockburn Amateurs.

To round off the activity within Stirling a Tesco Bank teachers in-service was held on Tuesday 17th May in order to give the teachers involved a better insight into the programme and coaching for the primary 2 and 3 age groups.

Active Stirling Football Coach Graeme Henderson commented "The amount of activity generated via the Tesco Bank programme over the last few weeks has been excellent. In total we have had nearly 300 primary 2 and 3 pupils participating in 4 a side football. While some of these young players already play with Stirling City and Bannockburn Amateurs we hope that even more will be encouraged to play regularly after these events.

In addition to this we hope that through the teacher in-service programme, the staff in attendance at these festivals will want to continue coaching in future years."

For more information on the Tesco Bank programme in the Stirling area contact Graeme Henderson on

or on

0300 028 0101