Pauline Hamill and Gareth Evans today announced their squads for the upcoming training camps for the Scotland Women's Under-17s and Women's Under-19s respectively.

Both teams face tricky UEFA European Championship Elite Rounds later in the year, and these camps at the end of January will be used in preparation for these.

Scotland Women's Under-17 squad for training camp


Erin Clachers (Glasgow City FC)
Eartha Cumings (Spartans FC)
Hannah Dryden (Forfar Farmington LFC)
Jordyn Elliot (Rangers LFC)
Lindsey Blues (Celtic FC)
Nicole Cameron (Celtic FC)
Murron Cunningham (Glasgow City FC)
Lauren Doran-Barr (Rangers LFC)
Kirsty Fraser (Glasgow City FC)
Nicole Carter (Raith Rovers LFC)
Olivia Crawford (Glasgow City FC)
Ellis Dalgliesh (Celtic FC)
Claire Farquhar (Rangers LFC)
Hannah Fulton (Celtic FC)
Freya Glen (Millwall Centre of Excellence)
Samantha Kerr (Central Girls Academy)
Shannon McGregor (Aberdeen LFC)
Jamie-Leigh Napier (Celtic FC)
Ellis Notley (Hibernian LFC)
Cailtlin Russell (Hibernian LFC)
Ellie Simpson (Spartans FC)
Derrian Gollan (Forfar Farmington LFC)
Lauren Gordon (Aberdeen LFC)
Kaela McDonald (Celtic FC)

Scotland Women's Under-19 squad for training camp

Rebecca Flaherty (Aberdeen LFC)
Laura Hamilton (Rangers LFC)
Chantelle Brown (Rangers LFC)
Sarah Clelland (Glasgow City FC)
Cassie Cowper (Aberdeen LFC)
Amy Lynch (Hibernian LFC)
Rachel McLauchlan (Hibernian LFC)
Simone McMahon (Spartans FC)
Georgie Rafferty
Courtney Whyte (Celtic FC)
Alex Middleton (Celtic FC)
Chelsea Cornet (Hibernian LFC)
Erin Cuthbert (Glasgow City FC)
Amy Gallacher (Forfar Farmington LFC)
Cailin Michie (Hibernian LFC)
Claire Adams Mullen (Rangers LFC)
Donna Paterson (Aberdeen LFC)
Hayley Sinclair (Rangers LFC)
Ronaigh Douglas (Spartans FC)
Brogan Anderson (Heart of Midlothian LFC)
Carla Boyce (Glasgow City FC)
Kirsty Hanson (Liverpool LFC)
Abigail Harrison (Hibernian LFC)
Kodie Hay (Glasgow City FC)
Kirsty Howat (Celtic FC)
Lia Tweedie (Hibernian LFC)