Following the conclusion of the pre-split SPFL Premiership fixtures in the 2023/24 season, the VAR Independent Review Panel (IRP) have met to consider Key Match Incidents (KMIs).

The panel comprises former players, managers and coaches, guided by experts on the Laws of the Game.

In the opinion of the IRP, based on incidents requested by the panel or submitted for consideration, 26 KMIs have been adjudged to have reached an incorrect outcome since the start of the season.

To date, there have been a total of 1181 VAR reviews conducted in the SPFL Premiership. Whilst the majority of these are silent checks of on field incidents which require no intervention, 76 have resulted in on-field reviews (0.4 on-field reviews per match) while another 36 have been factual overturns (ie offside, inside/outside penalty area).

90.3% of on-field decisions are considered correct by the IRP, increased to 97.8% when including VAR interventions.

Scottish FA Referee Operations shared these statistics to the Premiership clubs on Wednesday morning as part of an update on the performance of VAR in Scotland.