On the 2nd of November the Scottish Football Association held a girls youth football festival at the University of Stirling. Such events ran by the Scottish Football Association require numerous volunteers to help with the proceedings in aiding a fun day for all.

Two of the Scottish FA volunteers at the event were Matthew Solomons and Alexia Marion. Alexia, a keen footballer, said: “I’m a huge supporter of these festivals and to be able to help is brilliant. I’m also a huge supporter of the women’s and girls’ game, so to be able to help in growth and promotion of the game is fantastic.”

Alexia also believes that the festivals are a great way of developing skills while also having fun saying: “We really want to promote an enjoyable experience for the girls to take away with them.”

The volunteers not only help create a great day, but they get the opportunity to gain experience and skills.

“By volunteering I have developed my organisational skills, as well as my people and communication skills” said Alexia.

“Interacting with children of varying age groups can be difficult, but volunteering has allowed me to get first-hand experience. This practical learning is not only really enjoyable, but a thought provoking process as well.”

Matthew Solomons, who is the assistant coach to the University of Stirling’s women’s first team, thoroughly enjoys involving himself with whatever tasks he can do.

Matthew said: “We want to make sure that the girls interact with the ball as much as possible and we hope to create a happy and enjoyable environment in doing so.

“It’s a very exciting time for the women’s game in general. Facilities are getting better and we are finding girls are getting involved at even younger ages than previously. These events allows us to showcase the facilities and to involve more and more girls.”

When asked of what she would say to potential future volunteers, Alexia said: “Go for it. Volunteering is really good fun and you’ll gain and develop a lot of personal skills and experience that will look fantastic on your CV.”