St Mirren FC players enjoyed a break from pre season training as they train alongside the second year pupils at Castlehead High.

The School of Football players entering into their final week of the programme were invited to train alongside these young professionals because of their, hard work, dedication and commitment to both the football and academic part of the programme. The session was arranged for the group to observe and then take part in training over the watchful eye of Head of Youth Development David Longwell.

The session took place at St Mirren’s Youth Academy in Ralston, where the School of Football pupils had the opportunity to make use of the excellent facilities made available. Steven Sweeney, Castlehead High’s School of Football Coach felt it was a great experience for all the boys and girls involved in the programme.  “For the pupils to have the chance to train alongside St Mirren’s Youth Team today was fantastic, this will motivate them all to continue working hard in the hope of achieving their potential in future years. This was made possible due to the strong relationship between the Scottish FA West Office, Castlehead High School and St Mirren FC.” All the pupils thoroughly enjoyed their final day of the programme and were delighted to receive their certificates at the end of the session.

Brian Mclaughlin, Scottish FA Player and Coach Development Officer said;” This has been a great day but also a sad day for both myself and Stephen. To see this young group of players come together two years ago and to now look at them today, training and mixing with the youth players at St Mirren.

“This group has worked hard in all aspects of the programme. They have been fantastic role models in School and have represented the School in many activities out with Football.

“Although the group are now leaving the programme and moving into the third year at High School, we look forward to seeing their future development. Well done boys!”

A big thank you to Castlehead High School, all the players and staff at St Mirren for making this a memorable day for the players.